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Yarra City Arts, Richmond Library

Monday 5th March - Friday 4th May

This exhibition at Richmond Library is a site specific installation featuring wall drawings and a selection of the artist's works from City of Yarra's Contemporary Art Collection.

The works are devoid of colour, which may be interpreted in parts as heavy and bleak, or light and hopeful. Childlike and naïve stick figure drawings exist throughout the work giving the impression of (somewhat) lighthearted playfulness. The plywood background of woodblock prints invoke the land-based structure of trees, contrasting against the drawn images of the boats and sea. Pathways of people float over the topography of the earth, ocean and sky.  Are all these places able to exist above, below, behind and next to each other, all together at the same time?

This work aims to explore settlement, migration and belonging, while also questioning the idea of home.

More information see Yarra City Arts

Jessica Wong
Platinum 2017

Exhibition with RMIT University celebrating 20 years of Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Scholarship Award recipients. With Jazmina Cinninas, Andrew Gunnell, Caroline Hawkins, Clare Humphries and Deb Tate. RMIT Project Space, Cardigan Street. Until 27 March 2017

Jessica Wong
Youth Plus at Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art

Youth Plus is an international group exhibition of over 50 artists with a focus on artists under the age of 40. A selection of artists working over a diverse range of mediums exploring cultural bridges between Eastern and Western societies. Sponsored by the China International Culture Association and the China National Arts Fund. Until October 23rd

Jessica Wong
Art Central Hong Kong

Solo exhibition with Gaffer Ltd, at Art Central Art Fair in Hong Kong. Coinciding with Art Basel. Traditional woodblock prints encased in acrylic framing captures and intensifies the fragility of the landscape. Until 16th March 2015.

Jessica Wong
Cataclysm Exhibition

"These ethereal works convey a succession of bleak mountainous forms, punctuated with diaphanous layers that shift and fluctuate across the picture plane.
"Constructed with undulating scrolls of rice paper encased in perspex, they are at once, compelling in their fragile beauty but also vaguely menacing. This is exactly as the artist intended: deforested and uninhabited, WONG’s scene envisages the ghostly premonition of some future dystopia after a catastrophic environmental disaster.
Satirically entitled Far Away, this series addresses the political and social inertia at play in response to increasing environmental degradation and climate change. WONG implies that the scene depicted belongs to an imperceptible and distant future – simply too far from the present to warrant any real action". – Anna Briers

Solo exhibition opening Wednesday 27th March at Anita Traverso Gallery until Saturday April 27th 2013

Jessica Wong